How TO get started

We welcome and encourage new members to participate in our race nights and/or training evenings. If you are unsure of anything about the sport, please reach out and ask any questions you may have.

Free trial dates will be available in May, dates to be announced. During these events you are welcome to try the track to see if this is something your child enjoys. This is a great opportunity to try it and ask lots of questions.

There is a limited amount of club bikes that will be available for use at the trial day as well as some helmets and gloves. 

Season resumes in May, date to be announced, weather and track conditions permitting

What gear will I need to ride BMX on the track?

  • full face helmet
  • gloves
  • closed toe shoes
  • long sleeved shirt/jersey
  • pants


What age is BMX for?

BMX is an all ages, family friendly summer sport and everyone can ride! Age classes start at 5 and under and go to 50+ for both males and females.

Younger riders, that are not stable on two wheels pedalling, can participate in strider races before the weekly main event of BMX Racing!

Not skilled – we have you covered. There are three amateur skill levels – Novice, Intermediate and Expert for male classes, and two amateur skill levels for females – Novice and Expert.

All NEW Riders start at Novice level regardless of age and skill.


Where do I find BMX protective gear?

As kids grow like weeds there is a chance you might find used gear by putting out a request to other club members. Become a member of the Medicine Hat BMX Club facebook group, make a post and someone with in the club can usually help or point you in the right direction. Southland Powersports is a good local resource for new and used BMX or motocross gear.


What bike do I need to start BMX racing?

There are different types of BMX bikes, you need a properly sized BMX race bike – this is not a bike you pick up at your local big box sport store. If you are not sure of what size of bike check in the moto shed for a sizing chart. For new riders, check with your local BMX buy and sell groups. Become a member of the Alberta BMX Buy and Sell group for more selection of bikes available around the province.